Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Computer Forensics 2015 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Computer Forensics 2015 - Research Paper Example The user data can be extracted from personal storage devices like computer hard disk, flash drive, memory cards etc (Computer forensics – a critical need in computer, n.d ) Whenever a person online on internet he/she leaves behind the logs on performed activities. This provides the digital traceability of the person’s activities which he/she has performed on internet by using these logs of visited websites. Flash templates and videos buffered can also be gathered from temporary file of the computer which the person was using. This accessibility to trace the logs, cookies, files and templates can help in analyzing the crime committed computers and may help in providing the strong evidence against the cyber-criminal or hacker. Many users think that after deleing data from hard drive it cannot be traced but there are many techniques and methods by which the deleted data can be recovered. The computer system does not usually thrash the data completely even if it is removed from recycle bin. These files remain alive until it is replaced or overwritten by new data. These methods of tracing can facilitate in forensic investigation to trace down the cri minal by investigating the computer system used by the criminal. For instance, during the execution of search warrant of serial killer John Robinson at the residence, law enforcement agencies seize five computers along with badly decomposed two dead bodies (Computer forensics, n.d ). After investigating the computer used by the serial killer John Robinson, it was discovered that he used the internet to find them and then schedule the meeting, after sexual assault they were killed. These facts cannot be gathered with physical evidence techniques and evidence and without computer forensic technique (Computer forensics, n.d ). There are many computer forensic techniques which can be used to trace the criminal but they are usually categorized

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