Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Socrates and Glaucon on Differences of Human Nature Essay

Socrates and Glaucon on Differences of Human Nature - Essay Example It is, however, possible to give historical examples when women have acted successfully in the fields that are not typical of them, and the same state of affairs is true about men. This tendency develops today as well. It is also possible to suggest that, upon the lack of the necessary quantity of persons of either sex, there is a chance to evaluate this theoretical finding on practice. From this point of view, the qualitative balance of the society would not be broken, for all the vacant positions would be occupied, but the question of the quality remains open. This is also the matter of which the philosophers, that is, the state governors, as per Plato’s theory of the state governing, must think hard. On one hand, the argument that men and women are different by nature scores against the suggestion that the same things may and shall be done by the representatives of different sexes. On the other hand, the contradiction to which as a result of the dialogue the philosophers co me, that is, the statement that different nature determines everyone’s occupation does not permit shifting between, for example, the roles of a child rearing mother and a warrior fighting on the frontline. The state in such situation is at a risk of losses if the shift is permitted, for if the mother dies her skills cannot be applied anymore, and the father is not available to substitute her because of his being busy with breadwinning. On the contrary, the warrior is likely to lose his combat skills and knowledge.

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