Thursday, August 29, 2019

Areas That Need Improvement Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Areas That Need Improvement - Literature review Example In addition, I would improve my presentation skills in order to come up with an exceptional paper. I would polish on my referencing and fluency of the content. I would also work on the structure of the content and ensure that the ideas flow throughout the paper. In order to achieve good grades at this level, there are certain skills that in need to hone. Perfecting my skills in searching online journals, referencing and planning and managing an academic dissertation can really help to boost my grades. Having proficient skills in searching online journals will enable me to effectively carry out extensive literature searches. Research at Masters Level requires students to use specialized information sources and the ability to easily search for them is of paramount importance (Kim 2008). Online journals are some of the sources that are used at this level and therefore, students must have the necessary search skills in order to be able to access these materials and use them in writing their research papers. Skills in referencing and avoiding plagiarism are very important at this level since students are expected to conduct research and write properly referenced papers. These papers should be free of plagiarism and acknowledge the author. Good referencing and avoiding plagiarism earns students good grades. It is important to polish my skills in paraphrasing and quoting in order to avoid plagiarism in my papers. Plagiarizing is regarded as cheating and it automatically leads to failure. At Masters Level, writing dissertations is mandatory. Therefore, skills in planning and managing an academic dissertation are very important. A proper dissertation will require skills in choosing a good topic, developing research questions, conducting an organized and methodical research and proper reporting of the research (Kim 2008).

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