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Southeast Medical Center Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Southeast Medical Center Case Study - Essay Example In addition, other development projects resulted in the establishment of freestanding rehabilitation center with a 59 bed capacity. Moreover, SMC management also established a physicians’ building that served as their office. Besides, in 1989 the hospital acquired medical helicopters and expanded its trauma services. Furthermore, the hospital has grown into a neonatal, transplant care, and burn center within the State. Other strategic plans have led into SMC expansion into a large referral center for both local and international health care. The hospital boasts of more than 800 beds for acute care. In addition, development projects have resulted into establishment SMC community centers in various locations across the State. Consequently, the hospital has specialized in the provision of unique, sophisticated medical services that attracts numerous foreign patients. Moreover, SMC provides ambulatory services and facilities for health plan. The hospital operates an HMO health plan for charity care patients. The health care plan acts as a Medicaid insurance for States citizens who cannot afford health services (Wolper, 2011). SMC has also undergone various changes in its governance form public hospital to a private institution. In 1920s hospital board managed the hospital that later changed to a public authority. After board of trustees voted to turn the hospital over to private management, SMC has remained a not-for-profit academic health facility. Despite expansion of SMC, the hospital struggles from financial shortage. Shortage of finances has resulted from State’s decision of not providing a subsidy for SMC. Shortage of finances has resulted into the hospital loss of competitive advantage in the market. In addition, SMC cannot afford modern facilities relevant for teaching, research, and provision of health care. Consequently, SMC decided to increase costs of medical

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