Friday, July 26, 2019

NR 6210 Practicum Experience Summery Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

NR 6210 Practicum Experience Summery - Assignment Example To start with, perinatal depression is a condition that affects women leading to major or minor depression either during the pregnancy period or within 12 months after giving birth. This is a common occurrence in women and studies have shown that minority and low-income women register most cases in the documentation patterns of screening and referral for postpartum depression. Therefore, as part of my behavioral objectives, I investigated problems associated with EPDS screenings and referral resources among low income perinatal clients in FCM. In the first day of the practicum, I was introduced to the program coordinator of FCM, Mrs. Damaris Montano who acted as my preceptor during the practicum period. The introduction was important part of the practicum since I was able to learn what it takes to run the department since my preceptor was preparing for performance review of the department that was to be carried out later. I also got a glimpse of how the internship will be carried out in the department. On the second meeting with my preceptor, I learned the administrative roles of MPH nurse at a public health department from the programs she supervised and coordinated. My receptor informed me that she coordinated 6 programs and that she ensured smooth running of the programs as part her responsibilities. To achieve this, she conducted weekly meetings with assistant supervisors in order to discuss issues concerning operation of the program. In addition, we decided to be meeting on Thursdays in preference of FCM program so that I could start reviewing old postpartum EDPS. On another aspect, I also identified some leadership gaps that could be addressed in management of FCM program. In one of the Health Works program staff meeting, a case worker presented an issue to my preceptor that involved a pediatric doctor who did not respond as required on an issue

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