Thursday, September 12, 2019

Writing an Argument Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Writing an Argument - Research Paper Example Rather than raising the standards of international manufacture and creating a most conducive international business market, the cheap products that flooded the market were of inferior quality and did nothing to help ease the high tariffs that was pegged onto U.S. goods by the other nations in the free trade zone. In effect, by opening up America to goods from other nations, most of which are imitation items that pass themselves off as Class A goods, the political and economic leaders of the country themselves helped crash the American economy. There are a number of reasons as to why the citizens of America may wish to buy foreign made goods. It could be that there is a demand for the item which is not manufactured in America. Or maybe the item cost is much lower if they purchase one that is not American made. Whatever the reason, a market exists for Americans who prefer to buy foreign made goods. Although there is a sound principle involved in people purchasing foreign made items, the only person who benefits from this set up is the domestic importer. Since he imported the goods, he makes the income on the sales of the items. Needless to say, for every business sector that benefits from a particular selling arrangement, there is a sector that will end up with the bum end of the stick. In this case, the domestic importer makes a killing while the domestic manufacturer ends up holding his bag of goods because nobody will buy it due to its higher selling price. (MacDonald, Brad â€Å"International Trade: Commerce Among Nations†) Even worse, by not purchasing American made products, the Americans themselves end up being the harbingers of economic hardship among themselves and their country. The reason that the American economy has managed to survive all the years prior to the advent of free trade was really quite simple. The money was spent within American shores and thus helped move the economy along through taxes collected and the salary of the people working

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