Wednesday, September 11, 2019

U.S. History ip 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

U.S. History ip 3 - Essay Example It unfolded what could be known as the 2nd industrial revolution. This paper shall describe the negative, and the positive developments brought about by industrialization in the United States. It shall analyze whether industrialization in the U.S. sounded beneficial or detrimental on the lives of Americans. The two positive developments in the United States as a result of industrialization included; knowledgeable people and machines, and harnessed the communication and transport systems. The communication and transportation challenged the United States before industrialization. Industrialization stretched the communication and transport systems in the United States. The resourceful state provided approximately three quarters of its finances for construction of canals, and other related waterways improvements. American embraced the technology of building rail roads. By 1860s, more than half of the globe’s railroad tracks were established in the United States. The critical improvement in the 19th century included the telegraph invention by Morse Samuel. The telegraph strapped up the communication system. It allowed sending of messages instantly by use of electronic pulses codes over a wire. The communication and transport developments created a national market. The leading comme rcial power such as merchants could invest in novel enterprises. Acquisition of raw materials could be enabled due to the revolutionized communication and transport. The navy could use the waterways to protect the American trade. International trade could be enabled. The raw materials could be converted easily into finished goods for exportation. The America’s economy became affluent due to the communication and transport systems. The further developments of industrialization in the U.S. included knowledgeable people and machines. The growing united state became strapping. Its prospects attracted ambitious and knowledgeable individuals. These

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