Saturday, September 7, 2019

Public relations in music and media subject Article

Public relations in music and media subject - Article Example This "Public relations in music and media subject" article describes "Ears Music Limited" a fiction company utilised for the purpose of this work. On this basis, as a start up venture intending to establish a self sustaining operation by the end of the first three years trading within Ears Music Limited has decided to move away from the traditional music publishing model and set up a publishing company primarily geared towards the film and television industry and through licensing and synchronisation deals, combine the increasing demand and customer base in the lucrative film and television market with the increased use of digital music consumption through the placement of songs in online advertising. This part of Ears Music Limited’s development will be part of phase 1 in developing the initial growth of the company, which will include a combination of licensing deals, potential joint venture deals and signing staff writers for song placements. Ears Limited will utilise funds developed during phase 2 to further develop joint ventures with digital media agencies to grow the business in online song placement. The intention will then be to re-strategise the business and develop further by developing in-house recording facilities and key song-writer signings. The philosophy of Ears Music Limited is to look towards successfully exploiting opportunities in music publishing outside the traditional music publishing model and continue creating new opportunities in the marketplace to sustain longevity. Moreover, it is submitted that that the contemporary marketplace, the evolution of the internet business model has forced the music business in particular to rethink corporate marketing strategy and this is further highlighted by the proliferation of the multi-channel retailing paradigm as required retailers to "innovate" in order to maintain position in the marketplace (Levy & Weitz, 2008; Kusek, 2008; Gordon; 2008). As such, it is submitted

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