Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Juliette Gordon Low is the founder of girl scouts and she led a long and prosperous journey for strengthening and empowering young women; Even though she became deaf she was not deterred and she continued on with her job as the founder of girl scouts. Juliette Low was a leader all throughout her life as a child and an adult. Along her journey of girl scouting she achieved many of her goals and had many different hobbies and interests. After she passed away she was remembered for all the impacts she made on the world. The cause for Juliette’s deafness isn’t the most obvious to be sure, But it is pretty ironic how it happened. When she was young she had many ear infections which made her lose most of her hearing in one ear. But in the other ear was a more Bizarre happening. On her Wedding day, Many people showed up for the event. After the wedding was done and Juliette and her fiance’ were walking down the church steps to start their life together. All of this happened while being showered upon by rice being thrown by well-wishers. But what they didn’t know is that one piece of rice became lodged in her ear causing an ear infection in that ear. Later on, it caused deafness in both ears. Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah Georgia in October 31, 1860 to William Washington Gordon and Eleanor Lytle. Her maiden name is Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon. Shortly after she was born; she was given the nickname â€Å"daisy†. This later changes to â€Å"Crazy Daisy† due to personality change, positive energy, and openness. She was born into a split opinion Family with her Dad’s side of the family for succession and her Mother’s side of the family for abolition. Many neighbors were irritated that the Low family had differi... ...eginning stage of development, Low wanted them to be inclusive and independent. They started out by working on merit badges like: first aid, cooking, map reading, and knot tying. They were also known to spend a majority of their time in the outdoors participating in activities such as: swimming, camping, basketball, ect. They Introduced the idea of selling cookies as a fundraiser in 1917; This idea flew high and is still a major source of revenue for today’s girl scouts. Low decided it was enough and resigned presidency in 1920. and by 1925, the number of girl scouts grew to 90,000 girls in girl scouts. Low lead a legacy that will be remembered for a long time to come. With her outgoing personality she changed many girls lives as she met her goals and achieved many things. Becoming deaf had little effect on her, for she remained in girl scouting until the very end.

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