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Sophocles Antigone :: essays research papers

This paper is an essay on Antigone. The story Antigone is a great Greek tragedy. Sophocles, an ancient Greek playwright, is the author of the story. It is a great story. It is known throughout the world. This essay is going to trace the character of Antigone through the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Antigone is a very strong willed character. In the very first scene of the book Antigone is talking to her sister (Ismene) about how their two brothers (Eteocles and Polyneices) killed each other fighting over the thrown. Antigone is enraged over the fact that Creon (Antigone’s uncle and the new king) has buried Eteocles with military honors but has left Polyneices to rot. Creon has declared that any person who buries Polyneices will be killed, but Antigone doesn’t care. Antigone is driven to bury her brother and she wants her sister’s help. â€Å"Ismene, I am going to bury him. Will you come?†(pg.750 line 30). Ismene is too afraid of Creon to help Antigone. Antigone is determined to bury her brother at any cost, and unlike her sister, she is not afraid of Creon. â€Å"Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way,†(pg.750 line 35). Not even the threat of death is enough to make Antigone afraid of Creon. At this point in the book she is stubborn and self-righteous. Antigone then goes out at night and buries Polyneices. That makes Creon very mad, so he unburies Poylneices and posts guard around the body. The next day a whirlwind kicks up around the guards and Antigone starts to bury Polyneices again. Unfortunately the whirlwind died before Antigone could finish burying him, so she is captured and brought to Creon. Antigone boldly admits to burying her brohter despite the fact that she could be killed. Creon tries to convince her that what she did is wrong by pointing out that Eteocles is her brother and Polyneices is a traitor for attacking the city. Despite the fact that her brother, Polyneices, attacked the city, Antigone still loves her brothers equally. â€Å"His own brother, traitor or not, are equal in blood,† (pg.766 line 110). Antigone enrages Creon by refusing to admit Polyneices fault. Ismene tries to take the blame with Antigone but Antigone refuses her help. â€Å"Yes, save yourself, I shall not envy you. There are those who will praise you, I will have honor too,† (pg.

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