Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Marketing Audit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Marketing Audit - Essay Example However, this was a great challenge to Nokia, specifically because new companies began to emerge, that were able to produce cheap mobile phones, which were also innovative. During the 21st century, Nokia began losing competition to mobile phone giants such as Apples, Samsung, and the numerous Chinese mobile companies that produced cheap, but innovative mobile phones (Sundback, 2008). One of the major reasons as to why Nokia was losing competition is based on the fact that it had a poor marketing strategy. Nokia was unable to effectively communicate its proposition, and what their products stand for. This is an aspect that Apples and Samsung have managed to communicate effectively in their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the advertisements of Nokia are not consistent, communicating messages which are not relevant to their target market (Barnes, 2011). It is important to understand that to achieve success in marketing, it is essential for a business organization to highlight how their products serve the needs of their customers. On this note, failure of Nokia to achieve market growth is not because of low quality products, but mainly because of their poor marketing strategies. Nokia is a company in the telecommunication industry. In reviewing the marketing strategy of Nokia, there is a need of concentrating on the strategy that the organization employed in marketing its Nokia brand of mobile phones (Glotz, Bertschi and Locke, 2005). This report will provide a critique of the marketing strategy of the organization, identifying various weaknesses that the company needs to improve on. The main intention of providing a critique on the marketing strategy of Nokia is to make a recommendation on how to improve its marketing mix, in order to be an effective competitor in the telecommunications industry (Häikiö, 2002). On this basis, this report is a critical analysis of the marketing strategy of Nokia

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